It's important to put careful consideration into the grave marker that you choose to honor the burial location of a deceased loved one. This marker is a sight that you and other family and friends will see countless times in the years ahead, so you want to be content with the product you choose. While many people immediately begin thinking about what wording they want to have engraved on the marker, your first priority should be to decide the marker's material. Two common options for flat markers are granite and bronze.

Here are three benefits of choosing a flat grave marker made of granite. 


Bronze has some appealing attributes, but one potential drawback is that its appearance fades over time. When you're choosing a flat grave marker instead of a traditional monument-style headstone, you want to ensure that the marker is visible in the ground for years to come. Granite can be a favorable product because it doesn't tarnish. It will remain bright and vibrant decades from now. You can further ensure the visibility of the marker in the ground by choosing granite in a color that stands out well. For example, instead of going with gray, you might prefer a shade of red, green, or even blue. These brighter hues will be easy for people to spot as they look at the ground while they walk.


It's impossible to consider the merits of a granite flat grave marker without appreciating the durability of this natural material. Granite is very hard and thus almost impossible to damage. Bronze is softer and easier to dent. This means that there's a risk of a bronze marker developing dents and scratches over time. For example, if the cemetery landscaping crew hits the edge of a bronze marker with a tool or machine or a visitor accidentally drops something hard onto the marker, it could suffer some minor damage. This type of damage is extremely unlikely with granite.

Less Theft Risk

Some people worry about the theft of flat grave markers. Certain individuals target bronze markers because of the value of this material, and flat markers that are made of bronze are relatively light and thus easy to remove. The same isn't true of granite markers. Even a small, flat marker made of granite will be very heavy and thus highly unlikely for anyone to think about stealing.

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