Funeral homes are dedicated to providing for the needs of grieving families. They can help you plan a funeral service that takes into consideration your loved one's religion and wishes. You can pick and choose common elements as you see fit. Here are some things that can be included in the funeral service of your departed loved one: 

1. Viewing Ceremony

Viewing ceremonies are optional, but some people find that they bring a great sense of peace. They are associated with open-casket funerals, which give funeral attendees a last opportunity to say goodbye to their departed loved one face to face. Participation in viewing ceremonies is strictly optional, and people who choose not to view the body may enjoy refreshments or sit quietly in the funeral home in the meantime.

2. Religious Service And Eulogy

The funeral service is an opportunity for people to remember the life of the deceased and to say a few words about them. Funerals can be presided over by a member of your faith or a chaplain or funeral director provided by the funeral home. Some families may choose to have one or more members eulogize the departed person in a speech. There is no right or wrong way to plan your loved one's funeral service, but a funeral director can give you some ideas if you feel lost.

3. Interment

After the funeral service, the deceased person's body will be interred if their family does not choose to retain their ashes for sentimental reasons. The interment ceremony may take place at a cemetery or mausoleum. It can give people a sense of closure to witness the remains of their loved one being laid to rest. If your loved one is buried without cremation, they will be transported to the gravesite in a hearse. Family members can follow along in their own vehicles to continue the funeral service.

4. Reception

A funeral is an opportunity to grieve and mourn the dead. Many people also find comfort in spending time with loved ones following the conclusion of a funeral. For this reason, many people choose to hold a reception following their loved one's funeral. For ease of planning, you may choose to hold the reception at the funeral home itself. Many funeral homes have reception rooms where food can be catered. You can choose to serve a full meal or light refreshments. This can be a nice opportunity for people to reminisce together about the departed person.

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