If you are planning your first funeral, there is likely a lot on your mind. You have a lot of work to do, and you may be preoccupied because you are grieving. It can help to have some of the answers when you begin planning.

Are you looking for answers? These FAQs will help you plan.

Is It a Good Idea to Embalm Your Loved One?

Many people want to know if they should consider embalming for their loved one. Embalming is a process in which preservatives are used to make your loved one appear as lively as possible. Embalming prevents decay and allows your loved one to appear as they did in life for a viewing or funeral.

Ultimately, this is a personal choice. Many families choose to embalm a loved one, while many decide not to have a viewing.

Can You Have a Viewing or Visitation If You Choose Cremation?

If you choose cremation, you can still choose to have a viewing or visitation for your loved one. You can choose to embalm or have a viewing without embalming in most locations. There are still special steps you may need to take in these situations, however. The funeral director will let you know what options you have for cremation and viewings based on your wishes.

What Will a Funeral Director Do?

A funeral director will perform a variety of necessary tasks. They can answer questions about burial and cremation, and they can also arrange services. They provide a service that fits your desires or the wishes of the deceased.

If you need additional resources, such as grief counseling, a funeral director can also provide professional recommendations. Funeral directors understand the needs of many who need help after a loss.

How Can Funeral Services Be Personalized?

Funeral services can be personalized in many ways. Funeral directors can provide information about ways you can customize a funeral based on your loved one's interests and passions. There are also ways to personalize a service by having special speakers come in to speak or by having special flowers and songs.

Who Can You Trust During This Process?

It's normal to have a lot of questions about planning a funeral. It's not something that most people have to do regularly, so you want to have somebody to rely on. The best thing you can do is reach out to a funeral home for more information.

For more information on funeral services, contact a professional near you.