Cremation is quickly growing in popularity when it comes to planning final arrangements. Whether you are planning for a loved one or making pre-arrangements for yourself, cremation provides a wealth of benefits over a traditional burial. If you are planning cremation for yourself or someone else, here are some things you need to know:

Choose the Cremation Service

There are several things to consider if you choose cremation. You can opt for a direct cremation, which is the simplest form of cremation. The body is picked up and cremated without any traditional funeral service. The ashes are returned to the family in a cardboard box. The family can then plan an independent memorial service.

If you prefer, you can opt to have a viewing as part of cremation. With this service, the body is embalmed and placed in a casket for loved ones to say their final farewells. The body is then cremated and the family will receive the ashes. This is an option many families find comforting, as it allows for a celebration of life while being able to see the deceased one last time.

Make the Arrangements

Once you choose the type of cremation, the next step is to make the arrangements for the ceremony. If you are choosing to not have a ceremony, you can simply store the ashes at home, have them buried in your burial plot, or scatter the ashes in a space loved by the deceased. If you want to have a memorial service, you can opt for the funeral home to make the arrangements. You will just need to provide information about any music, special readings you want to be read, or special guests to make remarks. If you prefer to do a private memorial service, you can choose to do so in a private residence or at a special location. As you plan the memorial, think of any special stories you would like to share, plan for a slideshow or photo board, or even stream the memorial online for anyone who cannot be present.

Cremation is a great option for many people once they pass away. If you think you would like to be cremated yourself, consider making your arrangements ahead of time. This makes the process easier on your family. You can also rest easy knowing your wishes are already in place. If you need to make pre-arrangements, visit your local funeral home to determine which options are available in your area.