If you are one of the many people who have decided that pre-planning your memorial service is a good idea, you may be trying to decide what the best solution is for dealing with your remains. Many people opt for cremation over embalming and burial. When you choose cremation, though, there are a few other decisions that you'll have to make. Here's a look at what you need to know about the options for dealing with your cremains after the cremation.

Do You Still Wish To Be Interred?

For a lot of people, cremation is synonymous with no need for burial. However, that doesn't mean that you can't choose burial along with cremation. If you still wish to purchase a cemetery plot and be buried following your cremation, you simply need to choose a container for the burial, buy the cemetery plot, and ensure that your wishes are made clear. 

You can also choose to be interred in a cemetery vault inside the mausoleum if you prefer. Your cemetery groundskeeper can tell you what options are available in the cemetery where you wish to be buried.

Do You Need Your Cremains Divided?

If you've decided that you don't wish to be buried following cremation, you may want to ensure that your closest loved ones each receive a portion of your cremains for their own memory. You can talk with the funeral director about different types of memorial containers, including small decorative urns, vials, or any other type of storage container that may mean something to your family. Your funeral director can handle dividing up the cremains into the containers of your choice if you purchase them ahead of time.

Do You Prefer A Living Memorial?

Another great option for those who choose cremation is a living memorial. Whether you have your cremains turned into a foundation for planting a tree or you choose a coral reef burial instead, a living memorial is something that will be there for many, many years after your passing. It creates a destination for loved ones to visit to pay respects and remember you, and it gives something back to the environment in your memory.

There are many different options for the final management of cremains. If you have decided that you wish to be cremated, discuss some of these options with a local cremation service and ask about any other possibilities. That way, you can choose the final handling that best suits your wishes and the memory you want to leave behind.