If your deceased husband served as an officer in any of the United States Armed forces, it is very likely that you will want him to have a traditional military funeral. The funeral director can help you with each step that is needed for that to happen.

One of the first things that the funeral home director will want is your husband's DD214 form. If you don't have it, the funeral home director will tell you how to obtain it. This form will show that he was an officer in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  

At the appointed time, you and other loved ones will work with the funeral home director to plan the funeral. If your husband wanted a traditional funeral, you will have to select a coffin. You will also be given the option of paying for things like programs, flowers, and a guest book. 

The Music

Since you are planning a military funeral for your deceased husband, patriotic songs would be very appropriate. For instance, The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, The Star Spangled Banner, and America, The Beautiful would all be excellent congregational hymns. If your husband had a love of bagpipe music, having a soloist perform would be another good choice. A trio or a quartet singing ​Onward Christian Soldiers would add to the service, too. 

The Speakers

Those who attend the service will want to know more about your husband's experiences in the United States Armed Forces. Perhaps a close friend who served with your husband will be happy to share experiences they had together. No matter who speaks, make sure that he or she has a list of commendations that your husband received during his military service.

Besides having speakers talks about your husband's military service, your children or other close friends could share other aspects of your husband's life. For instance, if he loved to travel or if he had a hobby, the attendees would love to hear about that. 

The Graveside Ceremony

The last part of the funeral service will probably be the most memorable. Because your husband was an officer, he will receive a salute in the form of a volley of gunshots preceded by a dramatic drum roll. The American flag that is draped across his casket will be ceremoniously unfolded and then presented to you as his widow. Words of gratitude for service your husband gave to his country will accompany the flag presentation. 

After TAPS is played, somebody close to your husband can give a prayer.

For more ideas, contact a funeral home like the Danks-Hinski Funeral Home.