When your loved one chooses cremation, you may want to have a memorial service after the cremation is performed. One benefit of cremation is that you have more freedom to create a memorial service that is a perfect representation of your loved one's life. Selecting a unique venue is one way to create this customized memorial service for your loved one. Here are some options to discuss with your funeral home director to plan the perfect memorial.

Charter Boat Memorial

Whether your loved one wanted to have his or her cremains spread at sea or the person simply loved being on the water, a charter boat memorial can be a perfect option. You can work with a local boating company to schedule a private boat trip for your friends and family. Selecting the right boat is key, as you want to make sure there is enough space for all of the attendees. Some smaller boats provide enough room for a few family members to stand out on the deck for the service, while larger boats provide space for more people and have space below deck for meals and conversation. You can also have the boat's captain serve as a chaplain and give a brief speech during the actual service. If you do want to spread the cremains, discuss this with the boating company first to make sure all local rules and regulations are followed. 

Forest Preserve Memorial

If your loved one was most happy outdoors, consider a forest preserve as the setting. This location can be a beautiful backdrop for a casual family picnic, or it can be used for a more formal memorial service. This can be accomplished by setting up folding chairs and a small speaking stage with the trees and wildlife serving as the background. Your funeral home director can help you acquire any permits you might need to reserve the space for the service. In some cases, you may also be able to scatter cremains at this venue. You can set up a memorial service that centers around the scattering for a touching memorial.

Museum Memorial

Many museums and similar attractions offer private party space, but that space isn't limited to just weddings and birthday parties. If your loved one was a donor to a local museum, aquarium or other attraction, consider contacting the venue to arrange a private event space. In some cases, you might be able to hold the memorial service in the middle of an exhibit. You can set up chairs for a simple prayer service, or you can host a luncheon or dinner for friends and family to share a meal while they share stories about your loved one.

Your funeral home director can help you arrange all the details no matter where you choose to host the services. He or she can arrange to have the urn placed on a pedestal or dais during the services and can also help with other arrangements to make the day truly special.