When you plan a loved one's funeral service and the reception that will follow it, it's ideal if you can consider the life of the person and work in some elements that reflect it. Sometimes, doing so can be easy if you're willing to make the effort, and this can make for a funeral service that is highly memorable. If the person was an accomplished cook, even just at an amateur level, the person's identity may have been closely linked with his or her prowess in the kitchen. As you plan the funeral reception, here are some ways that you can honor the person.

Prepare Some Noteworthy Dishes

Sandwiches, veggies, and baked goods are common funeral reception foods, but you don't have to stick with tradition. Instead, think of the items for which your loved one was known and recreate them. You'll obviously need to recruit some competent volunteers to assist you, but it can be a cathartic process when you brainstorm and prepare these items. If the person was known for her peach pie, for example, follow her recipe to bake several of them, and then serve small pieces for dessert.

Decorate Accordingly

There are some appropriate ways that you can decorate the reception space of the funeral home to honor the life of your loved one. Ideally, you'll be able to find some pictures of the person in the kitchen, standing over the barbecue, or otherwise doing something indicative of his or her love of cooking. Blow up these images into larger prints and display them in frames on the tables. Some funeral homes even allow you to hang framed images on the walls, so you can alternately explore this idea. Another poignant idea is to find a recipe on which the person has made several alternations in the margins. Scan it, blow it up, and frame it for an impactful decoration.

Offer Cookbooks

If you like the idea of sending funeral attendees home with something, there are two food-related ideas to explore. One is to put together a list of the person's favorite or most-celebrated recipes into a custom cookbook, which you can get printed at a local print shop as a memorable keepsake. If the person had an extensive selection of cookbooks and you're not going to be able to keep all of them, you might even wish to display them at the funeral home and invite each family to take one.

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