Into everyone's life, a special pet comes. This pet is the one you wish would live as long as you so that you could be buried together. The trouble is, no pet lives that long. What about cremation? Could you be cremated with your favorite pet? Well, there are rules and regulations to follow, plus you need to know a few things about how to make this special cremation work.

The Pet Cannot Be Alive When You Pass Away 

Pets cannot be cremated with you in the same way that Egyptians buried their faithful servants alive in the tombs with them. If this special pet is one that comes to you near the end of your life, and you pass away before the pet does, you cannot request that the pet is euthanized in order to accompany you into the afterlife. However, you may be cremated, and then when it is time, your family can cremate the pet and mingle your ashes. 

If Your Pet Already Passed Away

If your beloved animal friend already passed away, you can place his/her corpse in either a freeze-dried machine to preserve him/her until your passing, or you can cryogenically freeze your friend until then. There are companies that offer these services for both humans and pets. Upon your passing, your animal friend's corpse is removed from a freezer and sent to the crematorium with you. Then both of you pass through the crematory together.

Making the Necessary Preparations

To make this joint cremation possible, you will need to plan ahead. Be sure that your final wishes about cremation with your favorite pet are present in both your will and your funeral plan. Discuss the details extensively with any living family members so that they know exactly what you want and how you have prepared for it. Depending on how you have preserved your pet's remains, be sure that your funeral home and your estate lawyer both have the number of the preservation company so that your pet's remains are shipped immediately to the correct funeral home upon your death.

Most States Do Not Have Regulations Against Cremation with a Pet

With the exception of attempting to cremate a live animal, most states do not have rules against humans wanting to be cremated with the remains of a pet. The animal cannot have decomposed significantly so that there is enough fluid in the animal's body to aid the cremation process. Other than that, you are free to be cremated with whatever you hold most dear.