If someone in your life recently passed away, you'll be trying to find the best way to handle their body for the funeral. With cremation, you open up the possibility to do some things that you wouldn't normally be able to do. Here are some ideas for jewelry you can make with cremation ashes.

Create a Glass Ash Holding Pendant

Some people love the idea of putting the ashes in a more decorative container than a traditional urn. This can be done by placing some of the ashes into a custom made glass bottle that can be worn. It's common for the glass bottle to have a top that seals the ashes inside so that they cannot be removed, and the glass to have a frosted appearance to them that you cannot clearly see the ashes. This form of jewelry is appealing because the ashes are literally kept close to the heart as a symbolic gesture that will help you remember the person that was lost.

Modify an Existing Metal Pendant

If you have an existing locket or pendant, you can use that to hold some of the ashes inside. This will give an existing piece of jewelry more meaning. The metal can actually be soldered to ensure that the locket remains closed forever, which will prevent those ashes from ever accidentally being removed from the jewelry.

Create Clay Beads With Ashes

Another option is to create handmade beds out of clay that are mixed with the ashes during the creation process. Ashes are easy to add to beads so that they do not alter the final look of the jewelry, letting you create some beautiful pieces that have personal meaning to you. Small beads can be added to almost anything, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Create a Ring with Hidden Ashes

Another option is to create a piece of jewelry where the ashes are hidden somewhere within it. This can easily be done by creating a ring. Ashes can be placed in a way where they are hidden underneath the setting that holds the stone in place. This incorporates the ashes in a piece of jewelry that normally cannot withhold the ashes.

For more options on what you can do with the cremated remains of a loved one, speak to the professional that is handling the cremation process. They can let you know about who to contact to have these services performed. You can contact a business like APlus Cremation for more information about cremation services.