One decision to make when you're making plans for a loved one's funeral is whether the service and the burial will take place on the same day. If the person has passed during the wintertime and you live in a cold climate, you'll need to wait until the ground has thawed in the spring for the burial. However, in other cases, it's up to you whether you'll have the burial shortly to follow the service, or whether it might take place on a different day. While some families may lean toward the latter choice for certain reasons, having both events on the same day is generally advantageous. Here are some reasons why that's the case.

More Convenient For Attendees

It's more of a courtesy to those who will be attending the funeral to have the burial take place on the same day. It's asking a lot of people to attend the funeral on one day and then the burial on a different day, and this is especially true for people who are traveling to your area to pay their respects. If you opt to have the two events on different days, you may find that those who need to travel pick just one event to attend — and it will likely be the funeral service. This could result in a smaller attendance at the burial, which may not give you the support that you need.

Better Emotionally

It takes a lot to gear up for a loved one's funeral. On the day before the event and the hours that lead up to the service, you'll often find yourself feeling emotional. Although everyone handles emotional challenges differently, lots of families find that it's easier to have the funeral and burial on the same day so that they only have to gear up for one big day, rather than two days. If you have the burial later on, it can be difficult to once again get yourself in the mindset to get through this challenging event.

Easier Logistically

When you're planning funeral events, logistics play a key role. For example, you'll need to ensure that your chosen funeral home has a room available on the day that you wish to have the service. Because your funeral home's staff also need to be involved in the burial service — namely, by transporting the casket in a hearse to the cemetery — it can often be easier logistically to get everything done over the course of one day.

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