Boutonnieres and corsages aren't always the first option you think of when you look for funeral flowers, but they can make a wonderful addition to a celebration of life. Here are some thoughtful suggestions for how to use these floral arrangements at a loved one's funeral or cremation memorial service.

Pallbearer Boutonnieres

Pallbearers can wear boutonnieres to indicate their role in the funeral service. Choose one type of flower or arrangement for the pallbearers to stand out from the rest if you'll be making wearable flowers available for other people in the funeral procession. For honorary pallbearers, choose a smaller, simpler design that coordinates with the arrangement you choose for those who will be carrying the casket. At a cremation memorial service, you can select honorary pallbearers. They can present the urn to the family at the end of the services.

Important Person Corsages

One way to signify close relatives of the deceased is to select important person corsages. These might be given to the spouse, children, and grandchildren of the dearly departed. The corsages can make it easier for other mourners to find the immediate family when paying their respects, and they can also offer a small source of comfort for those who wear them.

Arrangements For Children

Small children may need small distractions to keep them occupied throughout the day. Giving them tiny corsages can provide a way to make them feel special and a part of the services. Try to estimate how many little ones will be in attendance at the funeral service, and work with your florist to create child-friendly wrist corsages they can wear. If possible, choose silk flowers that will stand up to a bit of wear and tear without looking wilted or damaged.

Single Flowers For Mourners

If your loved one had a favorite flower, one way to honor his or her memory is to create single-flower boutonnieres for everyone in attendance to wear. These flowers can be placed on the casket before burial as a final farewell. For a cremation memorial service, the flowers can be placed next to the urn at the end of the services. Have your funeral home director pass them out to mourners at the front door of the funeral home, and have him or her explain that the family is asking everyone to wear one. Keep in mind that some people may have allergies, so make it known that it is acceptable to decline if this is the case.

While corsages and boutonnieres are typically used at festive celebrations, such as weddings, they can also create a beautiful and thoughtful addition to a funeral or cremation memorial service. Talk to your florist about the different options available, and select wearable flowers to add a special touch to your loved one's celebration of life.

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