Some people prefer to have permanent decorations on headstones to create a lasting tribute to their loved ones. If you are considering this option, use this guide to help find the decorating ideas that speak to you. Be sure to ask the cemetery for permission before adding any permanent decorations to the grave site.

Headstone Adornments

You can have custom adornments made for the headstone, such as floral designs, hearts, or stars. These adornments are permanently attached to the headstone, and they are a good option for cemeteries that don't allow for vases or flower arrangements. You can place them on either side of your loved one's name to create a beautiful flourish, or you can add them to the top of the headstone for a unique look. Look for these adornments in bronze, gold, or silver finishes to create a color contrast against the headstone.

Garden Stakes

Garden stakes can be placed on either side of a headstone, and they can help to make it easier to find your loved one's grave site in a larger cemetery. They typically stand taller than the headstone, and they can be crafted from metal with stained glass adornments or simple metal designs. You can also buy stakes that feature hooks for potted plants, so you can add living flowers to the grave site. You can then simply water the flowers instead of bringing freshly cut bouquets every time you visit. Consider choosing one design for year-round use, or choose a few for each season that you can rotate between.


Some headstones come with vases for flowers built into the initial design, but if your loved one's grave does not have one, you can add one. Choose a vase designed for use in the cemetery, preferably one crafted from stone, and get permission from the cemetery to place it in front of or next to the headstone. Once secured in the ground, it becomes a permanent addition to the grave site, and it gives you an easy way to place flowers without having to worry that they will blow away. You can also place silk flowers inside for a more permanent option.

You can work with a monument company like Maurice Moore Memorials to incorporate some of these designs on your loved one's headstone before it is placed in the cemetery, or you can add them later on as you decide which options to choose. With the right decorations, you can express your continuing love for the one you have lost.