After a loved one's funeral is over, you'll be left with the dilemma of what to do with the funeral flowers. If there were many arrangements sent, they may not all fit at the gravesite. Having to deal with an excess of funeral flowers can be overwhelming for the bereaved, but fortunately, there are several things you can do with the flowers to honor your loved one's memory. Here are some options to consider:

Flower Donations

Funeral flowers can be expensive, and not every family can afford to purchase them. Talk to your funeral home director about donating your floral arrangements. In some cases, they can be preserved in a nearby florist's refrigerator until a family in need can use them. Potted plants can be cared for until the funeral home finds a family in need.

Pressed Flowers

Consider taking one or two flowers from each arrangement so they can be pressed into a book. You can simply place them in between the pages of a book your loved one cared about, or you can press them and place them in a scrapbook filled with family photos and memories. Be sure to ask your family members if they want to do the same so everyone can take the flowers they want before leaving the funeral home.

Grave Site Placement

If you have too many arrangements for your loved one's grave, consider placing the other arrangements at nearby gravesites as a way to provide comfort to other grieving families. Place a small notecard in each arrangement explaining that you are placing the flowers there in memory of your relative. You may want to ask for permission from the cemetery before choosing this option.


Composting is a way to recycle plant life to create a fertilizer you can use to keep your garden flourishing. If you already compost in your backyard, you can choose to compost the cut flowers sent to the funeral home. This is one option that can help the environment as a way to honor your loved one. If you don't compost, reach out to local nurseries or farms to see if they can accept the flowers as a donation for their compost program.

You can also ask mourners to send donations to a local charity in lieu of flowers, but remember that some people will still send arrangements out of tradition. Contact local funeral homes for more information and assistance.