If you are a pet owner, then you will eventually have to deal with your dog passing on. It is a hard thing do deal with, but if you are aware of what your options are when it comes time, then you will be in a much better spot. It can be very difficult to handle the problem of your dog's death if you also have to spend time planning for the funeral. And while it might seem like something you don't want to think about, it is a good idea to be prepared for when the time comes. Here are some different ways you can deal with the passing of your beloved family dog:

A Funeral And Burial In A Cemetery

There are many pet cemeteries that cater to people who want to bury their dog in a nice, beautiful spot. In many areas, it is not possible to bury your dog in your own backyard, and that assumes you even have a backyard. If you live in an apartment, then you won't have this luxury.  But what you can do is head to a pet cemetery and get a spot for your dog. This will let you have a proper gravestone and a nice spot for your dog to be laid to rest. Then, you and your family can visit the dog whenever you want. These pet cemeteries also offer proper funerals for those families who want to have an official farewell for their dog. You can choose from a small, simple flat headstone, or something more elaborate and ornate.

Cremation And Urns

If you prefer to keep your pet close to home, but don't think that a stuffed dog is something you would feel comfortable with, then cremation is perfect. You can have the funeral home cremate your dog and have the dog's ashes put into a memorial urn. These urns can even be chosen to memorialize the dog by having a photo of the dog laminated into the frame. Also, you can get an urn that looks like a dog. If your dog was a German Shepard, for instance, you could choose an urn that is designed to look like a German Shepard posing in the sun.

Also, as an alternative to a big, ornate urn, you could always take the dogs cremated ashes and sprinkle it somewhere close to home, such as your backyard, or a local park, where your dog loved to hang out.