If your loved one has recently passed away and you are planning their memorial service, you may wonder how you can add personal touches to honor their memory. If so, consider using one or more of the following ways to memorialize your deceased loved one at their funeral service.

Create a Collage or Display

One way you can honor the life your loved one lived is to create a collage. This collage can include pictures, awards, and other representations of their interests.

Pictures you could attach can represent key moments in their life, including their baby picture, wedding, or even their favorite vacation. If your loved one had a good sense of humor, post pictures of their antics or embarrassing moments so people can remember how they made others laugh.

If the deceased was in the military, you could attach their hat surrounded by any medals and commendations they received while serving. Or, if they loved to play golf, create a display of their favorite driver and ball, surrounded by photos of them enjoying the game.

Play Your Loved One's Favorite Music

While it is an option, you do not have to play traditional "funeral music" at your loved one's service. Another way you can represent your loved one's interest is to play their favorite music during the funeral service, as well as at the reception afterward. 

For example, if the deceased loved rock music, you could play soft rock ballads during the funeral service itself. Then, during the reception, you can play CDs of their favorite bands. The music they loved can spark memories of those in attendance and can spark conversations to help others remember the good times.

Serve Food Associated with Their Memory

If your loved one was an awesome cook or had foods they are best known for eating, serve these foods that are associated with their memory. If they loved to cook certain foods for each holiday and get-together, find the recipes, and either cook them yourself or enlist the help of someone proficient in the kitchen.

Or, if your loved one loved was always seen eating pepperoni pizza, serve this at the reception. Just seeing the pizza will help people remember how the deceased always seemed to have a slice in their hands, no matter what the occasion. 

The above ideas are only some of the ways you can memorialize your loved one while helping everyone say good-bye. For more ideas, speak with the directors of funeral homes to seek their advice on how to organize the service to fully represent and honor your loved one during this difficult time.