When you're trying to find the right headstone to honor the life and memory of a loved one who has recently passed away, there are a number of things to consider. While you'll want to give careful thought to the size, shape, and color of the headstone, you'll also want to think about the wording that is engraved on its surface. It's conventional, of course, to have the person's name and his or her dates of birth and death, but you can also include a scripture verse on the headstone. Here are some other special elements to think about including.

A Special Nickname

It's a nice tribute to include the deceased person's special nickname that was used by family members or friends. Doing so easily gives people a warm feeling when they visit the cemetery to pay their respects. This step is nice to consider if the person had a special nickname used by his or her grandchildren, for example. It's simple to display this nickname. Beneath the person's name, you can simply have the nickname engraved. For example, the top line of the headstone could read "Charles Rodgers," and the next line could simply read "Pappy."

A Graphic Of A Special Interest

You can also browse the available graphics to include on the surface of the headstone. This is especially worthwhile if the person had a particular interest about which he or she was extremely passionate. For example, if the person was a big football fan, you can have a football shape added to the front of the headstone. If the person loved being outdoors in his or her garden, a simple shape of some flowers will be suitable. These adornments can be subtle, but they will still go a long way toward making the headstone special.

A Series Of Descriptive Words

Another nice gesture to consider is a short list of descriptive words that describe the life and character of your loved one. These can be put anywhere on the headstone, although below the name and dates is a suitable location. Think of three or four words that you and your family use to describe the person; you may wish to brainstorm together, as this process can be cathartic. For example, you might include something such as, "Thoughtful, giving, kind" or "Generous, brave, supportive." The addition of these words really shows how well you knew the person and can make the headstone even more special.

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