It is unfortunate, but the majority of people will not have prior funeral arrangements made when they pass on. The idea of facing your own immortality can sometimes be an uncomfortable thing that leaves people who pass away without a plan in place to pay for their own funeral expenses. If you are the person left with the burden of funeral expenses, you may be wondering what funeral alternatives are available that can save you a bit of money on the overall cost of the service. Here are a few alternatives you may want to consider.

Opting for a Green Funeral

Most people are unfamiliar with the term green funeral and what it entails. If your deceased loved one was into making sure they were environmentally friendly, a green funeral may be the perfect choice, and is much cheaper. This eliminates the use of embalming fluid and the need for an expensive casket as the whole idea is for a person to be returned to the earth in a natural form. The person will be buried in a biodegradable casket created with wood or cardboard. Keep in mind that this option will mean the service will have to take place quickly and there will be no open final viewing of the deceased.

Choosing Only Graveside Services

It is possible with most funeral homes to skip the main funeral service altogether and go straight for a simple graveside service instead. There is no visitation, only a short speech given by the funeral director or chosen party at the burial ground. There are options available as far as how long the service lasts and what is involved, but this option can save a lot of money on the costs associated with a traditional funeral.

Considering Funerals at Home

It may sound barbaric, but years ago it was common for funerals to be held at the home of the deceased family member. In recent years, this seemingly outdated idea has resurfaced and is gaining in popularity. Funerals arranged at home can be overseen by a mortician or funeral director, but most of the work will be accomplished by the friends and family members of the person who has passed on.

Being left with funeral expenses can seem like an overwhelming burden. However, if you can take some time to consider the options you do have available, there may be ways that you can save on the overall costs. Be sure to talk openly with the funeral home director, from places like Affordable Burial & Cremation, about any options you may have when it comes to an alternative funeral.